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I remember it like it was yesterday, 2016 we needed a positive song for clean the bay day at king Lincoln park downtown Newport news VA so J.Gibbs, Travysty3, and Pbeats came up with the song stop shooting. A year later my mom (pbeats mom), got shot from a stray bullet that hit her in both of her legs but the next day she was walking like nothing happened. Ever since I got that phone call at 1 am in the morning my mom telling me she been shot my life has changed and i devoted it to spreading awareness. Stay Tuned not stopping till it stop!!

           MY MENTOR


Men On The Mainline & Sisters United Founded by

Rev. M. Julius Hayes


The Saturday Academy for Positive Self-Development PARENT-SHIP affirms the truth in holistic-bond relationship working with Parents is the most important thing to be able to sail with Bless the truth in our relationship.


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